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Ventripoint – VMS+ 3.0

With the development of the VMS+ 3.0 software and hardware components, Ventripoint has developed a solution to reliably evaluate standardized 2D echocardiographies at the level of a cardio MRI. The intuitive handling also allows an analysis of qualitatively demanding images with a wide range of clinical pictures in a very short time.

RV to PA conduit Rastelli repair Double Outlet Right Ventricle Pulmonary hypertension Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) Ebstein´s anomaly RV to PA conduit2 RV to PA conduit

Innovate Value by Design Venn Diagram-6_

Ventripoint – VMS+ 3.0


3D EchoMRI



Ventripoint – 3D Echo & MRT

Our workflow - simple and fast in just four steps


Preparation of the echocardiography of the heart

Place markers

Placement of the anatomically relevant points on the echocardiography images


The software creates a 3D model with a comprehensive enumeration of the most important parameters (EDV/ESV, EF)


Possibility to create a report containing all information and records. An additional possibility is to export the raw data as a CSV file.